Industrial Cathodic Protection

Piping, Tanks

SY Expertise has been actively engaged in pre‐design surveys, specialized surveys, supply of materials, design, installation, energizing, testing and commissioning, monitoring and trouble shooting of a wide range of cathodic protection projects.Typically, industrial cathodic protection involves structures such as underground and aboveground storage tanks, buried pipelines, oil well casings and structures associated with refineries, power plants, water treatment and desalination plants, etc.

SY Expertise has wide-ranging experience of the following types of protection:

  • Temporary Cathodic Protection

  • Permanent Cathodic Protection

  • Sacrificial Cathodic Protection

  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Monitoring & Maintenance of CP system

  • Periodic rectifier inspection and maintenance.

  • Periodic junction boxes inspection and maintenance.

  • Periodic inspection of Cathodic test points.

  • Optimum PSP maintenance.

  • Periodic PSP surveys