Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy

SY Expertise & General Contractor sees the need to provide excellent service to its clients coupled with high standards of health, safety, and environmental and quality practices. It is our intention to proactively work with employees, clients, contractors, the public, governments and others to provide our service in an environmentally sound manner while protecting the health and safety of employees and public as well. We are dedicated to a continuous improvement process for the employees, public health and safety and the protection of global environment. To ensure these responsibilities are fulfilled, we will manage our business strictly according to the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality assurance principles (HSE&Q) listed below:

SY Expertise HSE&Q Golden Rules

  • Safety is our top Priority.

  • Pursue the goal of no harm of Environment.

  • Stop unsafe work before it harmful for community.

  • Follow safety rules and procedures.

  • Protect the environment with 100% satisfactory of client.